Past Events

Learning & Teaching Expo 2015

HKT education showcased the “Future Classroom” concept at the Learning & Teaching Expo 2015 on 10th -12th December by relocating two classes at Gloria Creative Kindergarten International Nursery to the exhibition hall.

Early childhood education was the theme of event, providing HKT educationducation with the opportunity to demonstrate that eLearning helps youngsters get their education off to a flying start.

Teachers ran two “Future Classroom” demonstrations to show how eLearning can be applied to art lessons, using tablets as the basis to projects on “Seasonal Colors – Fruit” and “Interesting Circles”.

Fruit icons on tablets were used to design a unique face, enabling children to exercise their creativity while learning the colors and names of various fruits.

Content in HKT educationducation’s one-stop solution is designed by former teachers following the “Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum”. This covers six main learning categories – “individuals and groups”, “language”, “early mathematics”, “physical fitness and health”, “arts” and “science and technology” – and shortens the time teachers need to spend on preparing lessons.

Students also learned the importance of protecting their eyesight and performed some stretching exercises under the guidance of teachers. They were also taught how best to use electronic screens and gather information.

Student used HKT education one stop solution to design a unique face in “Seasonal Colors – Fruit” lesson

Students got to work on a “Seasonal Colors – Fruit” project, designed as a one-stop solution lesson by HKT education.

Teachers and students did stretching exercises together under the guidance of teacher after lesson

Teachers and students performed stretching exercises together after the lesson.