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HKT education eLearning Solutions for
Hong Kong schools

HKT (SEHK: 6823) – HONG KONG, October 31, 2012– HKT education today
launches Hong Kong’s first integrated cloud-based education service for primary
schools that will make both learning and teaching more effective, interactive and

Students, parents, teachers and school administration will all benefit from the new
HKT education eLearning Solutions platform, which is underpinned by
fiber-to-the-school broadband and Wi-Fi networks provided by HKT, Hong Kong’s
premier telecom service provider.

Education publishers will upload textbooks and related multimedia materials to a
cloud platform, and teachers can also prepare and upload self-made teaching
materials. These can be achieved through a newly developed Cloud Learning System

Teachers can easily download the content in class on a tablet with Wi-Fi, and the
same content will be synchronized with the tablets of students in the class via an
innovative solution called Active Learning Solutions System (ALS System). Real-time
quizzes, tests, and other teaching and learning activities can be conducted
interactively via the tablets during lessons. Instant responses of the class will enable
teachers to analyze the learning progress of individual students in a timely manner.

After school, teachers can retrieve and assess assignments submitted by students to
the cloud. Teachers can even pre-set the system for automatic marking of

As a result, teachers will save time in pre-class preparation and in the assessment of
assignments. Classroom management and the teaching process will become more
efficient and effective, as teachers are in charge of lesson content on students’

At the same time, students will find this mode of studying more interesting and
engaging. They may also be able to bring fewer textbooks and exercise books to and
from school.

HKT education eLearning Solutions is unique in that it offers an end-to-end service including:

  • top-of-class network infrastructure and support;
  • electronic textbooks supplied by leading publishers;
  • CLS enabling pre-class preparation and post-class assessment;
  • ALS System facilitating in-class content synchronization and interaction; and
  • tablets for students and teachers.

Mr. Ringo Ng, HKT's Managing Director of Consumer Group, said, “HKT education
firmly believes that advanced technology can greatly improve the learning
environment for the younger generation. HKT education eLearning Solutions is a true
e-learning platform combining the best education content, the most reliable
infrastructure, and the most advanced learning solutions and devices that are
available in Hong Kong.”

HKT education leverages HKT’s advanced fiber and Wi-Fi infrastructure in providing>
a secure, convenient and cost-effective cloud-based interactive learning service.

HKT education eLearning Solutions professionals will provide on-site advice on
network and equipment settings, one-stop set-up service, and after-sales consultancy
about on-going maintenance and future upgrades.

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