STEM Solutions

Coding & Mechanics

Coding and mechanics for STEM specialists

Coding and mechanics for STEM specialists

STEM education is designed to develop logical thinking skills while teaching everyday science and technological principles through hands-on tasks.

HKT education provides coding and mechanics lessons, so students can start at the basic level. When they acquire the desired outcome in class, they can use their creativity to develop their own inventions.

STEM helps students explore their potential Curriculum
Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.mechanical knowledge.all-round development

STEM course materials for primary and junior secondary schools

Putting STEM course materials to work in primary and junior secondary schools, such as fischertechnik, enables students to study technical applications in everyday use such as a telescope or automatic doors.

Teaching with a coding robot

Coding robots such as Dash & Dot, Ohbot and Sphero supplement teaching resources for mathematics and science subjects.

Interactive teaching tools

Teaching elements such as those involved in Makey Makey require students to apply creativity and innovation. They can go as far as to make their own musical instruments or develop inventions with help from cutting-edge technology and IT knowledge.

Code-learning with XYZrobot

XYZrobot helps students learn coding and develop logical-thinking skills. Programming software such as Scratch and Arduino is also available, while robot components can be created through 3D printing processes.