STEM+ Solution

As one of the communication and technology leaders in Hong Kong, HKT education is committed to taking the teaching and learning environment to the next level. We support educators to achieve effective teaching with the latest technology and solutions, enriching the potential of students. To inspire the next generation, we offer all-in-one smart education solutions which cover STEM+ curriculum, interactive education tools, Maker Space, e-Learning solutions and professional development, etc.  HKT education encourages experiential and service learning, helping schools to nurture the next generation with innovation and technology.

HKT education is devoted to support schools and educators with STEM+ solutions to nurture the smart generations. We aim at inspiring real-life application for STEM+ knowledge and skills, training up computational logic and problem-solving skills of our next generation. Our STEM+ curriculum not only covers latest technology trends such as A.I.(artificial intelligence), Big Data, but also include other key areas such as Entrepreneurship, Arts and Reading. Students will gain understanding of the scientific theories and be able to apply the theories in everyday life.

6 Key Benefits